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Sippd | Simplifying Your Wine Life

Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Intimidated. Do you ever feel this way while skimming through a wine list or when trying to order wine online? You are not alone. Most people know what their palate likes but may have a difficult time expressing those details. It’s time to take the guess work out of it so you can enjoy the perfect bottle of wine waiting for you!

Sippd has officially launched a Chrome extension, available through the Chrome Store. Using their AI-powered technology, Sippd will personalize wines that you naturally gravitate towards. How? First, you select the wine styles you like and unlock your Taste Match by rating 3 wines. From there you simply click on the Chrome extension, select a wine varietal from your list and from there multiple wines will show up that match your flair in wines. Click on the one you want to buy and it automatically takes you to where you can order the wine! The more you sip and rate the wines, the more accurate the AI technology will be the next time you order a bottle.

When you find a favorite wine, you can add it to your wishlist, to save for later or simply as a reminder that you enjoyed that specific wine. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this. Are you ready to start tasting like a pro? Hop on your laptop or mobile to get started at You can also find the link through the @drinksippd profile on Instagram. Right now they are giving away 5 $100 gift cards on their Instagram page. This contest is running through Sunday, August 30th. Don't wait, $100 can go a long way with wine, happy sipping!




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