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Inspire Inclusion | Celebrating Women in Wine

As we embrace Women's History Month, it's a fitting moment to applaud exceptional women and their remarkable talents in the wine industry and also reflect on the International Women's Day theme of "Inspire Inclusion." This gave me an opportunity to find out how Bread & Butter Winemaker, Linda Trotter, incorporates this theme into her daily endeavors.

When Linda decided to make wine professionally, she quickly learned what a male dominated industry it is and the challenges she would face as a female. Her benchmark throughout her career has been guided by her father, who raised her to believe that girls could do anything that boys could do, including winemaking. She later learned that her great-grandmother led their family’s home winemaking operation for many years. Both Dad and Great-Grandma have been a huge inspiration as she mentors other women in the industry. Linda truly fosters an inclusive environment, is a powerful driving force for change and is dedicated to breaking barriers within the wine industry.

Women have undeniably made significant strides in the wine industry, marking a journey of progress that continues to unfold. Amongst the evolving landscape, it is an exhilarating time being a woman in the wine industry. It is time we celebrate women across all the diverse roles they undertake within this dynamic business. True advocacy for women in the wine industry goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it manifests through tangible actions such as equal pay, increased representation, and ongoing recognition of their contributions on a daily basis, not just confined to an annual celebration. 

Imagine a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination—a world characterized by diversity, equity, and inclusion. This vision encompasses a society where differences are not just tolerated but valued and celebrated. The wine industry, too, is a microcosm where women's contributions are increasingly gaining recognition and where inclusivity is becoming a powerful driving force for change.

Bread & Butter is proud to have a female winemaker, Linda Trotta, trailblazing in a male-dominated industry. “Wine just tastes better knowing a woman made it!” 



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