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Mouth-Watering White Wines To Jump Start Your Summer

As the temperatures rise, there is nothing more refreshing than a crisp, acidic white wine to cool down the senses. Here are five white wines you should have chilled and ready to go for the sizzling summer.

Sauvignon Blanc. This is a no-brainer. Sauvignon Blanc is grown all over the world but some of the best known regions include Loire Valley, France and Marlborough, New Zealand. The pungent aromas will fervently smack you in the face and the high acidity is ready to flirt with your palate. Common aroma and flavors include grapefruit, grass, wet stone, green apple and herbaceous notes. Fuller-bodied Sauvignon Blanc can also display notes of passionfruit, mango and honeysuckle.

Chablis. Chablis is a village appellation in northern Burgundy where Chardonnay is the only grape permitted to grow there. The primary style of Chardonnay is unoaked with the focus on the fruit aromas and flavors, which include apple, starfruit and lemon. This style also has a bright minerality that shines through on the palate. The wines of Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru are considered higher quality and display riper fruit, fuller-bodied, while balancing the high acidity. They are likely to be fermented or aged in old oak, giving a rounder mouthfeel finish.

Grüner Veltliner. This is a new favorite for me. I discovered Grüner Veltliner during my WSET 3 studies and quite simply fell in love with the varietal for its tart acidity and simplicity. A wine that will certainly make you pucker. In Austria, this is the most widely planted varietal, standing out as a high-quality grape, known for yellow apple and pear aromas, spicy notes and a mineral characteristic of slate to round it out. A summer essential wine for sure!

Assyrtiko. Another varietal I came across through my WSET 3 course. Assyrtiko is prominent on the volcanic island of Santorini, Greece. The winds are so strong here, they have a unique basket-like training system of the vines so the grapes are protected, low to the ground, away from the high winds. Pretty cool concept! The wine is bone dry with notes of lime, saline and passionfruit. I would put this in the “porch pounder” category.......goes down way too easy.

Brut Champagne. We can’t forget the bubbles now can we! A mouth savoring wine indeed. To be considered true Champagne it has to come from the Champagne region of France. Brut is a dryer style Champagne with lower level of residual sugar, pairing perfectly with just about anything; popcorn, oysters, fried food and pizza come to mind. Depending on style, Champagne is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier...showcasing citrus notes, a hint of creaminess with biscuit and nutty aromas.

My mouth is watering just thinking about all these refreshing wines. Time to go pull out a chilled bottle of wine from the fridge and walk straight to the patio. I hope you'll do the same. Cheers!



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