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Gaston Please - Palmaz Vineyards

Ok, so I’m a day late updating my blog, as promised. Life got the best of me the last couple of days. Damn day job gets in the way. 😉

Anyhow, let’s talk about Palmaz Vineyards and how rad they are. This is a fun place to visit. They are located in Napa, on Hagen Road, off the beaten path a little. Like I’ve mentioned before, love finding these type of Vineyards…especially when they end up having great wine!

A couple nights back I walked into my husband’s office, we both work from home…he looked at me and said, “you ready for wine?” He knows me too well. So, off I go to our wine fridge. What I found was a few mediocre wines and then a lot of our “finer” wines. I thought for a moment, decided we could definitely celebrate that Monday was done and over with and rationalized opening up our 2012  Palmaz Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Gaston.’


You guys, seriously, this is an amazing wine! That’s the good news. The bad news is…it’s sold out. Well shit. I know, I hate being the bearer of bad news. BUT, they have so many more that are just as good! After reading this post, go check them out…Palmaz Vineyards.

K-so with this wine, I immediately tasted the dark cherries and toasted oak, not so much the coconut that is also part of the description. We drank this wine with some cheese and crackers so I’m sure it would taste different and delightful with a good meal. The rich, grainy tannins do linger. I REALLY enjoyed the finish on this wine, very smooth. I almost cried when we poured the last few drops. Damn. Luckily, we have another Palmaz wine, just not the Gaston.

The Gaston Cab features grapes from the upper vineyard on the property, worthy of it’s name ‘Gaston’. Grapes from this parcel are challenged both by the rocky draining soils and the constant summer breeze that allows only a small quantity of concentrated, hearty grapes to survive the arid plateau. I sound really smart saying all that, but it’s right from their website.

If you get the chance to visit this vineyard, do the tour! It consists of a walk through several levels of the cave where they show how the wines are made using gravity-flow winemaking methods. Pretty cool, promise. After that you will do a tasting of about five wines, paired each with a small hors d’oeuvre.  There is a charge of $80 per person for this tour and tasting. It really is worth it, trust me…go do it!!

That’s it for now. The time is 4:53 PM, close enough to 5:00 o’clock…time for wine. Cheers!




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