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Valentine’s Day | Wines for Lovers and the Haters

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or loathe the holiday, it’s a good excuse to pop open some wine. I personally love Valentine’s Day! My husband started a tradition years ago of making us a “fancy” dinner on Valentine’s Day, something I always look forward to. I have the easy job, picking out the wine. But, I realize there are plenty of people out there that dislike the holiday so let’s talk about some versatile wines that pair perfectly for a casual night out with friends, in the kitchen or in the bedroom…you know…to pair with your popcorn while you watch your favorite Netflix show. 😉

Let’s start big and bold. I have always been a fan of Hall Wine Cabernet’s. The Jack’s Masterpiece is one for the books. Pop this open for that special someone in your life and I’m sure you’ll get lucky that night. A splurge for sure, but certainly worth it. Deep in color, full-bodied with black and red fruit mingling like they are on their third date, floral notes with luscious tannins and an oh so good finish. Perfect for a romantic dinner with your lover. Looking for something just as good in quality but a little more affordable? You can’t go wrong with an A.Rafanelli Zinfandel. Bad news, it’s only available from the actually winery, very small production. Good news, make a trip to Healdsburg, CA to visit the winery with your significant other and score big time.

You can’t go wrong with bubbles on such a holiday. Perrier-Jouet Champagne has always been one of my favorites, for sentimental reasons. We will most likely pop this open this Valentine’s Day before meeting friends for dinner. Sorry friends, we won’t be sharing this time around. You can find this at Total Wine for $35.97, a great price! Looking for other affordable options? Domaine Chandon has some amazing sparkling wines. A couple of favorites, the Reserve Blanc de Blancs and the Reserve Pinot Noir Rosé, both offered at $38.00 a bottle, can’t beat that price point!

Okay, I can hear all of you Valentine’s Day haters yelling at me right now. All I’ve talked about is “romantic” options. Now it’s your turn. Spending a casual night out with friends? Suggest a great Thai food restaurant and show up with a bottle of Riesling. You will be the hero. I personally like Rieslings from the Mosel region in Germany. Many of these wines have some sweetness that pairs perfectly with the spiciness of the Thai food. I’ve provided some options below of Rieslings I’ve had in the past. Ranging from $11.49 to $34.99.

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a Rosé or dessert wine for Valentine’s Day. I visited Mark Herold Wines last year and kinda fell in love, love at first sip. Do not pass up their rosé, made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Strawberries, apple and citrus notes dance together harmoniously. Bright and soft on the palate. At only $18 a bottle, you can afford to take a chance on this one with a first date. Regardless of how the date goes, you will have at least enjoyed the wine.

As for dessert wines…I used to be that girl that put my nose up to sweet wines. I will admit, I didn’t know what I was missing out on. I don’t drink a lot of dessert wines, but when I do I am amazed at how great they are and I am so glad I came around and can appreciate their uniqueness. We visited Whitehall Lane a few years back. They have some great wines but their dessert wines are what captured my attention. So, if you are baking up some sweetness this Valentine’s Day for that sweetheart of yours and need a good dessert wine, check out Whitehall Lane.

Hoping this list gives you a few ideas to run with this Valentine’s Day. Good luck, whatever your intentions may be. Cheers to love!



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