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Summer Wines and Pairings

I’m a red wine lover at heart but I am not biased to whites wines, especially in the summer time! There is nothing better than opening up a crisp, zesty white on a hot summer day while relaxing on the patio or poolside with your favorite peeps.

Sharing my top three white wines I consistently open during the summer; Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Viognier. Although these are some of my favorites, I am enamored by South African Chenin Blancs and Albariño wines from Portugal and Spain.

Sauvignon Blanc-New Zealand has some of the best Sauv Blancs out there! That is my humble opinion. This is considered a light-bodied white. Some of the dominant aromas and flavors you will discover with this varietal are citrus, green melon, grapefruit, grass and passion fruit. Every region produces a little different taste. My experience is New Zealand’s Sauv Blancs are grassier and more citrus than California Sauv Blancs. I find California SB’s are not as bright and zesty, more subtle with floral and peach notes. Some easy pairings include goat cheese, asparagus, zucchini, and almost any type of seafood.

Rosé-I wasn’t a huge Rosé fan in the past, really because I didn’t expose myself that often to this lovely varietal. I also recently took a French wine class where I was introduced to some yummy Rosés. They are now on my radar on a regular basis. Leading aromas and flavors include strawberry, celery, raspberry and floral notes. Rosés are very versatile, you can pair with some many things! Perfect for a BBQ as it pairs well with hamburgers, pork chops, grilled fish, Brie, and hummus…just to name a few. AND, don’t forget, June 9th (tomorrow) is National Rosé Day. Go out and pick up a bottle to celebrate!

Viognier-This varietal is considered a full-bodied white wine. Imagery Estate Winery makes one of my favorite Viogniers! Darioush Winery makes a pretty damn good one too. This grape originated in Southern France, although it can now be found around the world, including the U.S. Aromas and flavors include honeysuckle, lime, vanilla, floral and mineral/earthy notes. Pairs nicely with scallops, lobster, crab, shrimp, spicy foods including curry, aged gouda and fresh chèvre. Viognier tends to be a little more expensive, generally speaking, compared to Sauvignon Blancs and  Rosés.

Looking forward to a summer full of refreshing, bright and zesty white wines! What’s your favorite? Cheers to warmer weather and cooler beverages.




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