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Flavorful Butter & Wine Pairings

I’ll admit it, I am not a gourmet cook. Do I love gourmet food? Yes! Do I always have time for it? No. I’m more of a snacker, especially in the summer time. After a long day of working, the last thing I want to do is cook a big meal. I like simple, easy recipes. One thing I won’t skimp on is flavor. Bread & Butter has recently come up with “butter” recipes with a focus on simplicity, flavor and wine pairings made easy.

Bread & Butter Winemaker, Linda Trotta, teamed up with her friend Sheana Davis, Chef and Butter Guru at Epicurean Connection, to curate a variety of delicious, yet simple butter recipes to pair with their wines. In the process, Linda was curious…asking, “how do you actually make butter?” Turns out, it’s a fairly simple process. Find a high quality, non-ultra pasteurized whipping cream and pop it into a food processor and within minutes the cream turns into fresh, delicious butter. Add some salt to your liking.

As I looked over the various butter recipes available, via the Bread & Butter blog, I immediately fixated on the Strawberry Jam Butter recipe. This simple recipe can be paired with either the Rosé, accentuating the strawberry flavors, or with the Prosecco. When paired with the Prosecco, the apple and pear flavors in the wine are heightened, plus the aromatic flavors and slight sweetness of the Prosecco matches perfectly with the sweetness of the strawberries. Spread on a walnut bread for the rosé, or a baguette for the Prosecco and you’ve got yourself a sweet little snack!

I am already planning my next pairing, which will be the Meyer Lemon butter recipe with Bread & Butter’s Sauvignon Blanc. The sweeter notes from the Meyer Lemon interlaced with the herbaceous flavors from the olive oil in the recipe, highlights the grassy and citrus notes in the Sauvignon Blanc. A refreshing pairing ideal for a relaxing evening out on the deck. I have a feeling these butter recipes are going to be on repeat. Keep it simple this summer and don’t overthink it. Cheers!



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