Bring On The Barolo

One of my goals for this year is to expand my palate and try new wines. I know what I like…Napa Cabernets!! But, with over 1300 varietals out there in this big world of ours, I feel like I’m missing out and have a lot to learn. If there is one area I’d like to be a continuous learner in, it is within the world of wines!

Last week I attended a webinar on Barolo wines. I gained a lot of knowledge, although I know I’m just scratching the surface when it comes to this. Barolo is a northern Italian region of Piedmont. Known for being distinctive and described as one of Italy’s greatest wines.

Barolo is produced exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo’s meaning is fog. A late ripening grape, harvesting early to middle of October. The vines need to be above fog level to ripen. Minimum 800+ feet although the best vineyards are between 1200-1500 feet. Minimum aging is 38 months with at least 18 months in wood. To be considered a Reserve, the minimum aging is 62 months. The wines are released in their 4th year or 6th year if it’s a Reserve. Continue reading “Bring On The Barolo”

Rosé All Day

As the summer winds down, it’s time to say good bye to white wine drinking…at least for me that is. I always prefer a red over a white wine, but in the summer I do drink a lot more whites. It is so refreshing on a hot summer day to open up an inviting crisp, clean white wine! I only drink dry whites so I lean towards, Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigios and Rosés.

This post is all about Rosés! I’ve listed three that I’ve tried in the last couple of months. If you have a favorite Rosé, tell me about it. I’ll put it on my list for next summer, cheers! 😉

2016 Ferrari-Carano Sangiovese Rosé-This by far was my favorite out of the three. A very lovely dry Rosé. Salmon color, inviting aromas and flavors of strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and cranberries. Crisp wine with a smooth finish. And if you get a chance, visit this winery, they have picture perfect grounds! Continue reading “Rosé All Day”

Summer Time Wines

Okay, if you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I drink Cabernets for the most part. BUT, in the summer time I do cheat on my Cabs and turn to the dark side, or light side…white wines. I know, I know they aren’t as “healthy” as red wines but man are they refreshing on a hot summer day!

I tend to favor New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs but have included some other whites that are quite lovely and very drinkable. Give me a white wine that is dry, citrusy and zesty and I will drink it all summer long. Continue reading “Summer Time Wines”

A Staple Wine | St Supery Cabernet

I didn’t love Cabernets when I first started drinking wine 15 years ago. Like most people, it’s an acquired taste. I had to build up to the beautiful bold flavors that now dance so smoothly on my palate.

St. Supery is by far one of my favorite Napa Cabs. I found this accidentally one day while shopping at a grocery store in Newport Beach, CA. It was a 2004 and it was delicious! I was hooked from there on out. It has been a solid Cabernet year after year.

Aged for 19 months in French oak barrels, it provides strong blackberry and black plum aromas with hints of espresso, chocolate and pepper. The flavor is a bit fruitier than I normally go for, but for some reason it really works for me. Flavors include black plum, black cherry, molasses and a light vanilla oak. Continue reading “A Staple Wine | St Supery Cabernet”

Gaston Please-Palmaz Vineyards

Ok, so I’m a day late updating my blog, as promised. Life got the best of me the last couple of days. Damn day job gets in the way. 😉

Anyhow, let’s talk about Palmaz Vineyards and how rad they are. This is a fun place to visit. They are located in Napa, on Hagen Road, off the beaten path a little. Like I’ve mentioned before, love finding these type of Vineyards…especially when they end up having great wine!

A couple nights back I walked into my husband’s office, we both work from home…he looked at me and said, “you ready for wine?” He knows me too well. So, off I go to our wine fridge. What I found was a few mediocre wines and then a lot of our “finer” wines. I thought for a moment, decided we could definitely celebrate that Monday was done and over with and rationalized opening up our 2012  Palmaz Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Gaston.’ Continue reading “Gaston Please-Palmaz Vineyards”