Ehlers Estate

If I could go back in time and visit just one winery, I’d take myself back to the late 1800s when Bernard Ehlers’ curiosity of winemaking led him to purchase a small, dying vineyard located in Napa Valley’s much-admired St. Helena appellation. He eventually went on to replant his newly-acquired 10-acre vineyard, including an olive grove that still flourishes today, all the while completing construction of the stone barn, still standing, and enjoyed by many as the current wine tasting room. His wife continued to run the winery long after his death.

A century later, another husband and wife team saw the potential of the landscape. As French entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Jean and Sylviane Leducq began acquiring individual local vineyards as they came up for sale and replanted the most fitting clones and rootstock, with the help of renowned enologist, Jacques Boissenot. Over several decades Jean and Sylviane were able to create balanced and structured Bordeaux style wines, which they shared a passion and love for. By the turn of the century they had shaped an adjoining 42-acre estate, including the release of the very first vintage from the Leducqs’ new Ehlers Estate. Continue reading “Ehlers Estate”

Teachworth Winery

It is not often you get out of the hustle and bustle of Napa, while being smack dab in the Napa Valley. When it does happen, you know you’ve found a hidden gem. Teachworth Winery fits that criteria perfectly. A family owned and operated boutique estate winery in the Diamond Mountain District focusing on organically grown 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Secreted on Quail Mountain, an adjacent foothill of Diamond Mountain, Teachworth grows Cabernet Sauvignon from their two picturesque hillside vineyards, just south of Calistoga. Manzanita Hill, the lower vineyard, contains more vines and gets penetrating afternoon sun on its chalky slopes while Rattlesnake Ridge, the terraced upper portion has deeper soils and shifted exposure. Given the uniqueness of the two vineyards, it enhances the complexity of the wines you wouldn’t normally see from a vineyard so small. Continue reading “Teachworth Winery”

Weekend Getaway-Napa and Sonoma

Have I mentioned these wine country trips never get old?? I fell in love with the Napa/Sonoma area 13 years ago when I experienced it for the first time on my honeymoon. I didn’t know much about wine at the time but I knew for certain I was love stricken and would be back. We’ve made the trip at least once a year since then.

Day One started with a stop at Imagery Winery in Glen Ellen. We’ve been members at this winery for quite a few years. They are dedicated to crafting rare wines from uncommon varietals and character-rich vineyards. Imagery is not afraid to spotlight interesting varietals that can often be immersed into big blends. Their Tempranillo and Viognier are a couple of my favorites! Enjoy a visit to their beautiful grounds, while savoring the unique wines and appreciating the art collection within the winery. Continue reading “Weekend Getaway-Napa and Sonoma”

Tell Me A Love Story

Love at first sight. You could call it that. The rolling green hills, the vines dancing in the breeze, showing just how exquisite they can be. Early morning fog pillowing the mountain tops with an inviting crispness in the air. By lunch time, clear blue skies and sunshine warming my soul, or maybe that’s the wine talking. Napa Valley, where my love of wine started, thirteen years ago.

I was naïve then, knowing very little about wine. But it didn’t take long for Napa Valley to seduce me. Showing off its beautiful hillside vineyards, endless wine and adoring restaurants and cafés. Staying in a bed and breakfast right downtown was also a delight. Waking up to a warm, homemade breakfast in bed was welcomed each day. The evening wine tastings in the lobby were also fun, getting to know other guests from around the world! Continue reading “Tell Me A Love Story”

We Olive and Wine Bar

Ever walk into a place and it just feels comfortable, kind of like Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving Day. I experienced that feeling this past weekend while visiting We Olive & Wine Bar. The store front is very welcoming with bright colors, beautiful décor and a clean feel. We came for the wine but experienced so much more by the end of the night.

The ambiance of We Olive had me from the get go. Inviting, yet lowkey with a relaxing feel to it. It wasn’t crazy busy or loud. This is a great place to drop into after work for a glass of wine or to make weekend plans with a small group of friends. Grab a table or sit at the bar, either way you’re likely to get sucked in by it’s charm. Continue reading “We Olive and Wine Bar”